The rising of body sprays for him that claims to attract women: does pheromone sprays work?

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Have you ever tried to date a girl, even for a small encounter after some message and quick chat on Tinder, Bumble or any other dating app, or also with a girl you met In real life?

If you’ve been unlucky (together with a huge, HUGE part of the population) and you came across a stop in the relation, then you might have wondered if there is something, a magic formula or a hyper-scientific product for dating.

The fact is that, today, the magic (or, better said, scientific) product actually exist in our blessed timeline, and the name for this trickery is Pheromone infused spray.

In this article we’ll talk about how does it work and at the end there is a small (well, a big one in fact) surprise for you that you can see just clicking on this red link , if you’re not wanting to wait and read the technical facts and just want to jump into the winner’s scientists group.


The word pheromones is derived from the Greek words “pher” and “hormones”. Pheromones are chemicals that are released by an individual to trigger a specific response in another individual.

The term pheromone was coined in 1959 by Peter Karlson and Martin Luscher. Originally, they were believed to be a type of hormone but now they are recognized as signaling molecules.

Pheromones can be found in humans and other animals. They can also be found in plants, fungi, bacteria, and insects. Pheromones have different effects depending on the animal species, gender of the emitting individual, and the receiving individual’s species or gender, and are used for different purposes, such as signaling the presence, mark the territory and, more importantly, communicate in a subconscious-way the reproductive status of an individual (do you see how this chemical can help you in dating now?).

Pheromones, unlike hormones, aren’t made for a task within the body, but they work on the outside of an individual that secretes various pheromones in order to “communicate” something in a completely external environment.

how to attract women


The pheromones in these sprays are designed to produce a specific response in the person who smells them. For example, some people might find the smell of lavender pleasant and calming while others may find it irritating. Some animals use pheromones to signal their reproductive status, and many insects use them to mark territory or food sources. .

Pheromones, as you can see, have been scientifically demonstrated to be a very potent sexual attractant in both men and women, and if you want to use that scientific magic and in order to get the most out of pheromone products, you need know how to use them effectively in any scenario.

There are several types of sprays:

  • ambient-infusing type: you have to spray them in a closed room or also on a pillow or part of our furniture;
  • perfume/cologne pheromone infused spray: the ones that you have to put on your body, for example on the wrists, neck or behind the ears).

They can be natural (based on musk and other substances taken from natural ingredients and plants) or chemical, synthetized in labs.

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Those things, that are also generated by our own body, are the natural way for human beings to phisically communicate the “attractiveness” of every person.

For this reason, when we have more of these on our bodies, we can greatly improve our seduction skills by “hacking” the mechanism that we naturally use without even knowing it.

Thanks to a pheromone-boosted intervention we can:

  • Attract even without a fully bodybuilding-like appearance
  • Stand out from the crowd in every room
  • improve our confidence (for this reason, even if eventually a spray doesn’t do anything, we would still have a confidence boost; but scientific researches and body spray tests (for example this from National Library of Medicine and this, and even this article from Time proves that those have a reason for science for their behaviour;
  • leaves others with a shocked expression when they watch your dating skills;
  • Respark a relationship even if it long-lasting for years and years.


A body spray should be used on Pulse Points:

  • Put two-three drops on wrists;
  • Put the same amount on neck;
  • STOP

All of this will take only 2 seconds, so they’re quite straightforward and user-friendly, definitely.


If you’re curious and simply want to try, you’ll come across the fact that there are medium-high costs in getting one of those (and also you can try to improve yourself, for example getting rid of smarthphone addiction in marriage and relationships as well, a factor that can often cause issues).

So, no trial for this stuff?

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