Literally The Easiest Start For Affiliate Marketers: Fiverr Affiliate

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Do you want to start affiliate marketing?

Or maybe you’ve already started but struggling to find a nice program, or simply willing to add another monetisation stream to your group of affiliate networks and offers?

If (at least) one of the answers is yes, then you may be interested in a program that doesn’t require technical skills.

Not focused on websites.

And neither on PPC advertisement.

What if you could simply advertise other people’s skills and abilities, sending new jobs to them, and receiving a share of the earnings?

This is possible thanks to Fiverr’s Affiliate Program.


This affiliate program has several parts and different models of monetisation, but at his core it consists on recommending the products (such as Workplace, Learn and Fiverr Business), the gigs on the platform or also the Fiverr affiliate program itself.

When you sign to this you can see a lot of different options, each one with a dedicated link (that takes the user in the homepage, because for linking a specific inner page you’ll have to make a custom deep link) that you’ll use to promote the products, and as you can see in your dashboard when logged in you have:

  • the CPA option: you can get a one-time commission of 15-150$ (depending on the service and on the pricing of that gig), and therefore you’ll promote another person’s skills (or also an entire section, as you can as well link to the pages dedicated to a particular gig with the list of freelancers available, for example Writing content gigs or NFT making);
  • the Hybrid model: you earn 10$ + 10% share revenue for each new buyer, in the same way of the CPA option but with less initial earning and a 12 months-share revenue for each new user that you have referred (this works better if you know that the service will need more than one sale, for example content writing where people needs lots of content, because you’ll get a share on each of those sales);
  • Learn affiliates: you’ll promote the Fiverr Learning section and the courses and lessons available on the platform, and you’ll get 30% of each sale, without any time or quantity limit (if the referred person gets 5 coursed you’ll get a share on each one of those);
  • Business: you’ll promote Fiverr Business, the workplace for teams, getting 100$ when the referred account gets 100% in spend and then 10% commission for the next 12 months;
  • Sub-Affiliates: you’ll referr the affiliate program itself and get 10% of every new user’s monthly earnings;
  • Workplace: promote the workplace and get 50% revenue for every referred user’s new Unlimited Plan.
The 6 different affiliate models on Fiverr's Affiliate


If you have a website or a blog you can put some of the marketing assets that you can find in the affiliate dashboard.

When you log in, you will see a screen with the revenue’s tables and analytics, and on the left you have a menu with the resources and useful stuff for your online promotion.

custom menu fiverr affiliate section dashboard
The menu on your affiliate dashboard


The first element in the black window, “Default and deep links“, contains your own personal affiliate links (one for each type of affiliate model), but all the links that you see as soon as the page loads take the user into the Fiverr homepage.

IF you want to link to an inner page (a specific gig page, category page for a service, such as the ones for content writing, programming or web design, or a freelancer’s page) you have to make a deep link.

In the page you can see a “LP URL” named blue button: clicking that little button you’ll see a white bar where you can write, and in there you have to paste the normal URL and link of that inner page and then click the “✔” emoji on the side.

After that you’ll see your aff links way longer, because now they link directly to your selected inner page with your affiliate link, so you can take the new users directly one step away from the sale (and your payment).

deep link fiverr affiliate


Another marketing asset that you can use in your website is the “Gig Ads Widget“.

This is the second highlighted option in the dashboard personal menu, and let you put an ads banner with your affiliate code in them on your website by embedding the code (if you have a WordPress blog you can use the “custom html” block and then directly paste the embed code that you can copy on your affiliate dashboard in the Gig Ads Widget.

You can see some examples below.


With this useful tool you can directly put the Fiverr research bar (the one that you use when searching for a gig or a service on the website), so your customer can search for whatever thing that he may need directly on your website.

You can see an example below.


Even if you don’t have a website, you can still advertise the services and do affiliate marketing (even if it can be more difficult).

There are some useful tools that can help you greatly in this task.


You can search on Q&A websites (such as Quora and Reddit) and offer or recommend any of those affiliate models (the lessons, a specific gig, the affiliate program itself…).

You can do many things in this area: make 2 accounts and post the question with one and the answer with the other, both for Quora or Reddit, but that can have mixed results depending on the competition.

You can also search for questions made by ohter people, but how can you even find them on those huge websites?


IFTTT is a service that let you automate things (the name IFTTT stands for “IF This Then That: basically if somehting happens then the program triggers another action that you can set up).

You can see many categories in the Trigger section: for this tutorial the most useful are the “Reddit” and the “Quora” ones.

For Reddit, you can select the “New post by search” option and you can add a trigger every time a specific words appears in a new post on Reddit: some use cases can be “writing service”, and every time a new post appears the IFTTT app (that you can also download on Android and Iphone) will do an action (you can select the “Notifications options” in the section where you choose the action to do, in order to receive a notification for every new post).

You can also add variables in the box where you can insert the words that will trigger the action: using OR (for different versions of the service, for example “writing service OR writing content“) and AND (if you want to trigger only if more words appears together, for example “new blog development AND WordPress“) and combine them.

When something appears you can suggest your service (without spamming obviously) and talk about one of your experiences with a product, or how much a specific gig will help them (but on Reddit you’ll have to be way more cautious and focus on your experience without being a obvious salesperson), and only at the end recommending the service (you can try to share your experiences and only when a person comments you can suggest them a service in private on Reddit, for example).


Another type of useful tools for this, that basically do the same, are social listening tools such as Awario and Notifier, that have a free trial plan.


Another audience may be your own friends, or local community: maybe you have a friend that needs a logo, or a translation, a singer or a yoga lesson, and you can recommend someone on Fiverr.

In this area you won’t have a lot of competition (obviously), so despite being less popular you can still get a lot of value with In Real Life talks and local advices.


The Fiverr affiliate program offers a lot of advantages:

  • No skills needed;
  • You don’t need a website;
  • The gigs can be very easy to recommend: why shoudl someone avoid a gig with 200 5-star reviews with a cheap price?! ;
  • Great revenues shares and constant-earning models;
  • The affiliate dashboard is intuitive and user friendly;
  • If you have a website you already have banners and search bar widgets that will take your visitors on Fiverr directly into the marketplace, without boring or unnecessary steps or useless pages in between.


You can join the program here and see the value of the platform by yourself: don’t wait though, who knows how many potential customers in the endless search for a great service you are losing, and that are waiting only for your reccomendation (and one steps away from becoming new customers and letting you earn those affiliate bucks)!

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